InBody Scan 570

Track your progress with a complimentary Body Composition Scan with all new memberships…

As muscle is heavier than fat, tracking your results by weight alone can be inaccurate.
At Anytime Fitness Kirwan, we have a private consultation room featuring the InBody570 Body Composition Analyser.
The scan only takes a few minutes and you will receive a results sheet to take home. With the InBody 570, you will see how many kilograms of fat and muscle is on your body and where it is located. By monitoring these metrics over time, you can pin point the changes needed in your diet and exercise program to achieve your goals.

A small example of the metrics found on a InBody results sheet:

✔︎  Total skeletal muscle mass
✔︎  Total body fat in kilograms
✔︎  Total body fat percentage
✔︎  Visceral fat
✔︎  Total body water
✔︎  Segmental muscle and fat analysis
✔︎  Bone mineral content
✔︎  Basal metabolic rate